Pink on Purpose

We’re Taking Pink Back

At Feel Your Boobies, we’re determined to “take pink back” by painting the month PINK ON PURPOSE (POP) with YOU as a valuable POP Partner.

Pink on Purpose

At Feel Your Boobies®, we’re determined to “take pink back” by painting the month PINK ON PURPOSE (POP) with YOU as a valuable POP Partner. Together we will make October and beyond “pink” for not only for awareness but with PURPOSE. Let’s put a stop to the pinkwashing of October and create meaningful impact. 

Benefits of Becoming a Pink on Purpose Partner

Have Confidence in Your Impact

By partnering with Feel Your Boobies® Foundation, you can rest assure that your company's commitment to social responsibility will have meaningful and transparent impact on saving lives from breast cancer.

Leverage Our Audience

POP Partners will be able to leverage our large and loyal social media following (including 300,000+ Facebook followers) to share their brand and offerings.

Utilize Resources for Promotion

Feel Your Boobies® Foundation will help you promote your participation by providing branded resources such as tent signs, window clings and employee buttons/shirts.

Your Pink on Purpose Campaign

As a Pink on Purpose Partner, your Pink on Purpose campaign should follow some specific steps for success.

Apply to Become a POP Partner​

Fill out our short form to apply to have your business become a verified Pink on Purpose Partner.

Once approved, you will determine the product or service to promote during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Your promotion could highlight an existing product, a special edition item created for this cause or a specific donation around your service.

Next, you’ll determine the percentage of proceeds or dollar amount that will be donated to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation. A common range is 10% to 50% of the sales price, or a specific dollar amount per purchase such as “a dollar from every drink sold.”

Promote your initiative through various channels to maximize reach and engagement. As a valued Pink on Purpose Partner, we’ll provide you with some of the resources you need to effectively do this. Click here for examples on ways to market and promote your campaign.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the entire month of October. Feel Your Boobies Week in Pennsylvania is October 15-21 every year. Consider running your POP campaign for the entire month, Feel Your Boobies Week or a specific day.

Ensure you have a system in place to track sales related to your campaign. This transparency is crucial for building trust with your customers. You can publicly share updates on social media about the amount raised throughout the campaign.

At the end of your POP campaign, Feel Your Boobies will acknowledge your business in press releases, social media, etc. Transparency in the donation process is key to maintaining credibility – this is why we created Pink on Purpose!

After the campaign, share with your customers the impact of your campaign’s donations using the Pink on Purpose Post-Campaign Packet. This could include the amount donated, how it will be used by FYB Foundation and any messages of appreciation from the charity or breast cancer survivors.

Sign Up to be a POP Partner

Please describe your company, including how long it has been in existence.

Note: Feel Your Boobies will not accept programs that sexualize breast cancer, make medical claims, or go against brand guidelines.
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