Our Approach

The philosophy behind our campaign is...

What does unexpected mean?

You won't find us promoting “feel your boobies®” with a mint green brochure in a doctor's office. Oh no...

We focus on using media and other unconventional methods to put the “feel your boobies®” reminder in places you wouldn't expect to see it. 

  • Think aerial banner that flies up and down the beach in the summertime.

  • Think crazy wrapped car called the Boobies Bus that gives free car magnets to those who spot the car.

  • Think flash mob in NYC

Yeah, now you're talkin' our language.

What does “friendly reminder” mean?

Well a “friendly reminder” is NOT the kind you reminder that comes from your mom or doctor...you know, the ones you tune out?  Our campaigns engage young women and make the message so compelling that they WANT to share it with a friend... you know, a friendly reminder.  

So you know that pic of the Boobies Bus you just texted to your friend because the car made you laugh?  Yeah...that's our friendly reminder! Thanks for spreading it for us.

In a nutshell, we’re not your normal non-profit. We focus on young women who, like our Founder, often don’t think about breast cancer. Our job is to change that... one unconventional campaign at a time.

Our Mission

Feel Your Boobies® Foundation is a non-profit breast cancer organization that promotes proactive breast health to young women through strategic education & outreach programs. Our campaign & programs focus on education and outreach primarily for women under 40 (pre-mammogram age).

Yeah, we know...there are lots of "cute" breast cancer slogans popping up over the years.  And while we’re all about a good chuckle, we’d like to make sure our supporters know that we’re more than a funny slogan. Our slogan IS our message.

Feel Your Boobies® is a call to action that reminds you about a habit that can increase your chances of early detection and potentially save your life.