printable resources

Printable resources to help PROMOTE!

This section provides printable resources to use for the following: 1) event promotion & bra collection, 2) tabling, and 3) bra chain decorations you can print and attach once you string the bras together.

Event posters & bra collection fliers

Event Poster (8.5"x11")

Print this poster and add information to promote the event around campus.

Fundraising Prizes

Print this flier and use while tabling to show students what top fundraisers will win!

Bra Drop-off Flier

Print this flier to place on all drop-off containers placed around campus.


Bra chain decorations: Breast cancer facts

Breast Cancer Fact Signs

This printable file includes 5 key breast cancer facts you can use to decorate your bra chain.

Young Survivor Signs

This printable file includes pictures of 5 young survivors who found their own lumps. Print and use these young survivor signs to decorate your bra chain and remind your student body that young women DO get breast cancer.