Past Campaigns

We're all about designing innovative media campaigns that help our followers spread our message in a fun way.  That's just how we roll.

NYC April 2012

NYC Flash Mob

In 2012, when GoGorilla, NYC-based media company, was looking for a charity to work with on a FlashMob...well...they picked Feel Your Boobies®. And we were thrilled.

With their help, we pulled off the first ever Feel Your Boobies® FlashMob in Union Square (NYC). And... with the 700 bras, we also created the longest bra chain in US History (yes people really track that kind of!). 

It's undeniable...those who passed by certainly got one unexpected reminder to “feel their boobies”!


2011 Twitter Campaign

Remind-a-Thon on Twitter

Our 2011 campaign focused on using Twitter to spread our message.  All we asked people to do was to tweet our reminder to their friends using #feelyourboobies.  We created a Remind-a-Thon dashboard to watch how many people were reminded....for every tweet, our Remind-a-Thon dashboard calculated the amount of Feel Your Boobies®reminders that were sent. 

Our goal was to reach 1,000,000 people on Twitter with our reminders...and guess what?? We hit almost 3,000,000!!  Bethenny Frankel even reminded her friends! She's one cool "skinny girl".

How Tweet is that?


YouBoob Funniest Video Contest

The last thing we want is a boring breast cancer awareness PSA to promote our better way to get awesome PSA's than to ask our hip followers to create them for us?  All they had to do was create a 60 second video that showed us how they would remind their friends to “feel their boobies”...and the video with the most votes won a $10,000 grand prize!!

The result? A whole lot of awesome entries from primarily college students. Nearly 90 entries from nearly all 50 states, 1/2 million page views, and nearly 30,000 votes proved the contest to be a success. 

During this 2010 campaign, the Feel Your Boobies YouTube Channel was ranked in the Top 25 Most viewed Non-Profit Channels... and we even got a shout out on Osocio.

2010 YouTube Campaign



Modeled after the Obamicon.Me application used during the 2008 presidential campaign, we worked with the Obamicon creators to launch Boobicon.Me. What's a Boobicon?  Well it's a customized icon, silly.  We created a platform that allowed people to upload a photo of themselves and select a Feel Your Boobies® phrase of choice or....they could get creative and make one of their own.  Then share away!

No, Obama didn't make one...but a lot of other people did!  Over 14,000 Boobicons were created and viewable in an online gallery. Visitors could share, vote and comment on their favorites, and even order custom merchandise printed with your very own Boobicon.  So rad. 

This promotion might have occurred in fall 2009, but Boobicons still pop up all over Facebook...what a great reminder when you least expect it.


Free Car Magnet App on Facebook

Back in 2008, when apps still primarily resided on Facebook, we were one of the first to use apps for social good.  Upon realizing that the majority of visitors to our website came as a result of seeing a car magnet, we had an aha moment....why not give some away for free! 

Guess what? It went freaking viral.  We gave over 25,000 car magnets away in less than 24 hours...and crashed Yahoo servers to boot! Epic win.

From the success of this campaign, the idea of the Boobies Bus® was we give free car magnets away to anyone who spots the Boobies Bus®... carry on, Feel Your Boobies® message...carry on.


Jersey Shore Aerial Ad Campaign

Where there's a beach...there are Boobies....Feel Your Boobies® to be precise.  What better place to remind all of those young beach-goers about this healthy habit.

In summer 2008 we flew a 60 x 20ft Feel Your Boobies “Are You Doing It?” banner from Cape May to Long Beach Island every weekend.

Before we knew it, we saw photos on our Facebook page of people writing Feel Your Boobies® in the sand, and many a creative take on “sand castles”.  It's better than talking about that guy who didn't call you back last night...that's expected.  But a Feel Your Boobies® banner flying by?  Now THAT is unexpected!