SHOW YOUr Support!

Our organization is small and mighty and we need your help to support what we do! Whether you host a dress down day at the office or create a promotion at your store or restaurant Feel Your Boobies® has FREE materials that can make your promotion fun AND educational...all while raising money to support our work.

 Read more below about how we can help you fundraise for the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation and click to get your fundraising kit!   


Reminder Cards (Post Cards)

Feel Your Boobies® Reminder Cards are great to hand out at events to remind people how to “feel their boobies”!

Approx 4x6” (Come in packs of 50) - Limit one pack per request.

Materials Request Form

NOTE: Requests require 7 days for shipping. Please indicate below what materials you'd like for the promotion.

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We love hearing what kind of fun stuff you're planning to fundraise for FYB.
These are post card sized and provide information about what to look for when "feeling your boobies" They come in packs of 50. Only one pack per request can be provided. Please mark YES or NO to indicate if you'd like these.