Currently fighting breast cancer.

I felt a a lump in my right breast at the early age of 24. The doctor thought it was a clogged milk duct. After the birth of my son I went back to the doctor and was finally diagnosed at 26 with Stage 1 breast cancer.

I received a call on the telephone and was told I had breast cancer. I was lost for words. I was not sure how this diagnosis was going to play a part in my life. I was raising two children at the time. My son was 3 months old and my daughter was 10 years old.

I worked with a team of 25 doctors. Our final decision was was to attack my cancer. I followed the treatment plan and my dark tunnel turned to light. I was cancer free, in remission, and able to have a third child!

Here I am, ten years later and my cancer has returned.

I will make this second a round knockout!

15 Years (11).jpg

10 years later I started to have a chronic cough. Doctors initially thought it was pneumonia. After blood tests and scans, the doctor delivered the bad news. The cancer had come back in my lungs. My cancer was classified as Stage 4 in July 2018.

After my first diagnosis I didn’t like to talk about my cancer. I was embarrassed because I was so young. After being diagnosed the second time I realize that sharing my story puts me in a better mood and helps others.


Tyrisha helped support the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation by appearing on an episode of WITF’s Smart Talk segment. She told her story and contributed to the conversation around African-American women and breast cancer. Listen to the segment.