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to feel your boobies.

  • use pads of fingers

  • press firmly

  • examine collarbone and underarm area

did you know?

research shows that "feeling your boobies" is just as effective at identifying changes or lumps as doing a formal self-breast exam.


to look for.

  • lumps or thickening

  • puckering or inflammation

  • nipple discharge


to feel your boobies.

  • in the shower

  • while getting dressed

  • whenever you want


"Finding a mass in your breast is NOT what young women should fear since most lumps are not cancer. Having a cancerous lump in your breast that you don't know about IS what we should fear. In women under 40, breast awareness or breast self-exam and clinical breast exams are the only ways that we can find breast cancer. But women over 40 also need to be in touch with their breasts since 20% of all breast cancers are not detected on mammography."

- Dr. Beth DuPree, M.D., F.A.C.S.