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materials for arooga's

Feel Your Boobies® and Arooga's have one of our longest and best partnerships! Feel Your Boobies® ’ goal is to present breast health in a friendly, nontraditional way. By getting on board you're helping to spread our message to young women we may not be able to reach and raise dollars! Below are materials we have available to support your promotion.


Table tents

Table tents are double sided! One one side they say how to Feel Your Boobies® and the other side give a little info about how we serve young women. 

Table tents are 5 x 7"



Feel Your Boobies® stickers are perfect for servers to slide into billfolds or for bartenders to give to those who purchase promotional items, like Blue Moon!

Stickers are 3.5 x 2"


Bathroom stall posters

Looking for a way to jazz up the ladies room? These posters are perfect size for the back of bathroom stall doors. Nothin' like multi-tasking in the bathroom. 

Posters are 7.25 x 11"

Materials Submission Form (Due by: 9/21/18)

Please indicate below what materials you'd like for the promotion. Materials will be delivered the last week of September with all shirt orders for your location.

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