I felt a lump...Stories of Young Survivors

Leigh's Story

Leigh Hurst, our Founder, never meant to start the Feel Your Boobies Foundation.  In fact, she never thought much about breast cancer at all. Until she was 33, and was diagnosed with it.

She felt the lump in her breast in the years prior to her diagnosis, but not through traditional self-breast exams, just through the course of her daily routine.  During her annual exams, the lump went undetected by doctors until she pointed it out.  Even then the doctors felt it was nothing of concern.

But after two years, as a result of the proactive nature of her nurse practitioner, she was sent to get a mammogram.  It was followed by an ultrasound and biopsy which eventually confirmed the lump to be Stage 1 breast cancer.

Her experience made her realize that she never much paid attention to breast cancer messages.  So she made a t-shirt for her friends that said “feel your boobies”... just for fun.  But after putting up a one page website, soon orders were coming in from across the country from people she didn't know.

Leigh Hurst   Founder, Feel Your Boobies®

Leigh Hurst
Founder, Feel Your Boobies®

Eli and Leo

Eli and Leo

From a personal perspective, Leigh was unmarried and had no children at the time of diagnosis, and wondered what the future would hold.  After completing 5 years of Tamoxifen, at age 40 and 42, she gave birth to two healthy young boys (Eli & Leo). And in April 2014, Leigh celebrated 10 years of being cancer free.

In her professional life, Leigh has spent her career focusing on behavior change and the use of media. After leaving NYC to return to her Central PA roots, her diagnosis led her to a path of breast cancer advocacy where her media expertise has been put to good use in spreading the “feel your boobies” message to young women.

Tell Us Your Story

Feel Your Boobies is collecting stories from other young survivors who found their own lump to create a video that will be used in our College Outreach Program.

Please fill out the form below to be considered. We may not be able to film all collected stories due to time/budget constraints but we will contact you either way.

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