Frequently Asked Questions

Is Feel Your Boobies® a non-profit?

The foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) breast cancer organization, started in 2004. Our mission is to use media and other unconventional methods to promote proactive breast health in young women, primarily those under 40 (pre-mammogram age).


How is Feel Your Boobies® funded?

The Feel Your Boobies® Foundation is funded through merchandise sales, individual, and corporate donations, and local grants.


Are you affiliated with any other breast cancer organization?

The Feel Your Boobies® Foundation is not affiliated with any other breast cancer organization. We are a grassroots organization based in Pennsylvania.  We are run by Leigh Hurst, Founder and young survivor, and hourly workers as funding allows.


How can I donate to the Foundation?

Donations can be made through our website or by mail: Feel Your Boobies Foundation, 4801 Lindle Road  Harrisburg, PA 17111.  Checks should be payable to the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation.


Can I use the Feel Your Boobies® logo?

Feel Your Boobies® and other related marks used on this site are registered trademarks and cannot be used without the permission of the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation.  If you wish to discuss licensing opportunities, please email us at

Can The Feel Your Boobies® Foundation attend my upcoming event?

The foundation focuses solely on the creation of our online campaign because we can reach the most people with our message this way. Due to this, our budget does not generally allow us to devote resources to time and travel to attend community events. We do, however, try to attend when possible and certainly welcome your requests.  Appearance requests can be sent to  Please allow 4-6 weeks for review.


Can I partner with Feel Your Boobies®?

Feel Your Boobies® partners with both national and community businesses to increase our outreach and fundraising potential.  Visit the Partners page of our website to read about past partners and for information on how to contact us with a partnership request.  Please note that the approval process for partnerships require a minimum of 4-6 weeks.


Will Feel Your Boobies® market my product to their followers if I donate a percentage? 

We welcome all support and appreciate those business owners who would like to donate a portion of a product to service to the foundation. Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests we get to do this, we are not able to market all of these promotions to our followers. The success of product-based fundraisers should not depend on whether or not we market the promotion to our followers.