young women are counting on us...

We even got some national exposure this year!

Our 2016 Bras Across the Bridge raised over $30,000 got some national exposure this year...we're pretty pumped about that! Check it out.

Can we count on you?

Our campaign is saving lives.

This year our College Outreach Program reached more young women than ever. Here are some highlights that we're pretty proud of.

  • Provided FREE breast health education kits to 200 colleges nationwide.
  • Launched Bras Across Campus to 6 pilot schools, reaching thousands of students with the "feel your boobies" call-to-action.
  • Premiered our "You're NOT Too Young" video on campuses highlighting 7 young survivor stories.

Read Laura's Story

Perhaps what we're most proud of is a testimonial we received from LAURA who credits our College Outreach Program with her diagnosis.

Your support allows us to continue our education & outreach programs that target young women. Thank you for your ongoing support.