The Foundation’s College Outreach Program focuses on Educating, Engaging & Empowering young women on college campuses by providing FREE educational resources and peer-to-peer programming to them.  Since the program began in 2012, our program has worked with nearly 400 campuses across the country. 


Reminder Kits

Target Audience: Health Center Directors

This component of the College Outreach Program focuses on ensuring college health centers are providing breast health education programming to their students. And we achieve this goal by providing FREE Reminder Kits to college health centers that apply for our program. The kits include 2 large posters and 100 postcards that provide information on what to look for when you "feel your boobies."  In addition this component of the program offers FREE posters for digital download.

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Alli Matson, Manager of Program Development


Bras Across Campus®

Target Audience: Student Organizations

The goal of Bras Across Campus® is to provide students with the leadership experience of executing a health promotion event on campus focused on proactive breast health. Through Bras Across Campus®, students become the message spreaders by reminding other students (in person and through social media) to "feel their boobies".

We believe that peer-to-peer reminders work best, and Bras Across Campus® is designed to engage students to be the reminder that could save someone's life.


Meet Alli...

In 2017, Alli Matson joined the Feel Your Boobies team as the Manager of Program Development. She oversees the College Outreach Program and works directly with the campuses in the program to improve the educational resources we provide.

Alli was previously the Coordinator of Sexual Health Education Programs at the University of Maryland - College Park and brings a deep understanding of college-based programming to the Foundation.

Please contact Alli at with any questions you have about bringing our College Outreach Program to your campus.


This program is made possible in part by grant funding from those shown below as well as other generous donors.

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