The expansion of our College Outreach Program in 2016 & 2017 is made possible, in part, through a grant provided by Highmark.

The Foundation’s College Outreach Program focuses on Educating, Engaging & Empowering young women on college campuses by providing FREE educational resources and peer-to-peer programming to them.  Since the program began in 2012, we have served over 500 schools across the country. Testimonials from our educational program participants credit the effectiveness of our materials with their breast cancer diagnosis.


Reminder Kits

Target Audience: Health Center Directors


This component of the College Outreach Program focuses on ensuring college health centers are providing breast health education programming to their students. And we achieve this goal by providing FREE Reminder Kits to college health centers that apply for our program. The kits include 2 large posters and 100 postcards that provide information on what to look for when you "feel your boobies."  



Free Posters!

In 2016, we added a Free Digital Poster Campaign to the Reminder Kit aspect of our program. The Posters are available for FREE download from our website so you can post them wherever you like to promote breast health during October! 


Bras Across Campus®

Target Audience: Student Organizations

Expanding Nationally in 2017

In 2016, we piloted a new breast health event model with the goal of increasing student engagement on campuses. On each campus student organizations planned and hosted  a breast health promotion & fundraising event called Bras Across Campus. AND IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!

The goal of this event is to provide students with the leadership experience of executing a health promotion event on campus focused on proactive breast health. Through Bras Across Campus, students become the message spreaders by reminding other students (in person and through social media) to "feel their boobies". We believe that peer-to-peer reminders work best, and Bras Across Campus is designed to engage students to be the reminder that could save someone's life.

Email Alli Matson, Program Development Manager at to find out how you can bring Bras Across Campus to your school.

The young adults we interact with like the great designs and the stickers. It provides a more attractive way of teaching them breast health. Thank you for the awesome job!
— Carol Caddell, RN/Health Clinic Director (Blinn College, TX)


Know Your Boobies! 

Target Audience: RA's, Student Health Educators

Stay tuned for more details!

Our program will soon be offering a Know Your Boobies workshop that will empower students (RA's, Student Health Educators, or similar roles) to facilitate a session on basic breast health.  Through this component of the program, students will be empowered to lead a session on breast health.

The Know Your Boobies workshop will include all necessary resources (videos, talking points, handouts, print outs for use on dorm floor bulletin boards, etc) to provide an engaging program focused on proactive breast health and what young women need to be aware of to "Know Their Boobies"! 

How exciting is that?!? Stay tuned for more details.

Our students actively participated in this program to get the materials. The students love this program and we love that they learn without effort :)
— Teresa Dadez, RN/Director Health & Wellness Center (St. Leo University, FL)