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You've likely ended up here because someone you know is participating in Bras Across Campus® at their college/university. Well, first of all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about how to support them in their efforts.  Secondly we thought you might like to know WHY supporting them is so important and HOW it will help other young women.

Getting involved is easy:

1. Register. (It's Free!)

You won't want to miss this. A chain of bras being paraded across your campus...and you have to REGISTER to reserve your spot.  Remember, registration is FREE.  Win Feel Your Boobies swag for raising $25 or more! Just share your fundraising page with friends & family! You register online (using the link below) or in person when the Bras Across Campus committee is tabling on campus. Contact your Campus Lead to find out when & where.

2. Collect Bras.

Your campus has set a goal of collecting 100 bras to make one LONG bra chain on campus! Be sure to ask your family & friends to send their bras. And find the drop-off locations on campus to ensure they make it into the Bra Chain! Registered students will participate in carrying the Bra Chain across your campus.

3. Fundraise.

After registering, be sure to share your fundraising page to rally friends & family to support your efforts. Your campus has set a goal of raising $500 this year.

Bras Across campus registration

Lebanon Valley College (october 20th)

Student Chair: Alexa Lantz (, 717-344-4682)

Elizabethtown College (october 17th)

Student Chair: Morgan Chambers (, 570-916-2739) 


York College (October 27th)

Student Chair: Emilie Bangerd (, 443-789-3453)


Central Penn College (october 26th)

Student Chair: Lindsay Adair (, 717-275-6499)


Penn State Harrisburg (October 25th)

Student Chair: Chelsea Shuey (, 717-645-1777) 


Shippensburg University (October 10th)

Student Chair: Chelsea Ksanznak (, 717-477-1790)