What is Bras Across Campus?

Bras Across Campus is an interactive fundraising event hosted by student organizations as part of our College Outreach Program. Imagine hundreds of donated bras strung together and paraded across campus held by students...now THAT'S a fun way to share the "feel your boobies" reminder. To read more about the mission of the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, go to the ABOUT section of our website.

Young women DO get breast cancer.

Breast health education saves lives. Many young women don't believe they are at risk of getting breast cancer and most breast cancer awareness efforts don't target this population. But each year, 5% (over 11,000 women) are diagnosed under the age of 40.  The majority of them have no family history and find the lump themselves. Which is why the "feel your boobies" message is so important. Our Founder, Leigh Hurst, was one of these women. Read Leigh's Story.

By participating in Bras Across Campus, you might just be the reminder that saves someone's life. And the funds raised through this event ensure the Foundation can continue our efforts to target young women just like you. And young women like, Laura, who attended one of our programs at West Chester University as a student and recently, at age 30, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Meet Laura, Diagnosed Age 30

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage 2 in May 2016. I attended a Feel Your Boobies program while attending West Chester University. I just turned 30 and I found the lump myself. I never would have thought that this could happen to someone my age.
— Laura, Age 30

Recap video of the 2015 Bras Across the Bridge event

Fall 2016 Participating Schools

This fall is the first year we are working with campuses to host Bras Across Campus. We are excited to be working with a select group of Central Pennsylvania schools who agreed to be part of our pilot program:

  • Elizabethtown College
  • Lebanon Valley College
  • Penn State University (Harrisburg)
  • Central Penn College
  • Shippensburg University
  • York College

If you are a student at one of these schools, you're in luck...you can be one of the very first students to participate! Click the REGISTER button to get started! 

Registration is FREE.

Students that raise $25 or more will receive a FREE Feel Your Boobies T-shirt.