Ok so you're school has been selected to participate in this year's  Bras Across Campus® national pilot program, and we're excited to have you on board. By participating in Bras Across Campus you might just be the reason another women finds a lump. AND, all the money raised through the event ensures Feel Your Boobies can continue to provide its College Outreach Program to colleges nationwide.  So what are you waiting for? Register now and start spreading the word on social media!

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You can make a difference AND win cool swag too!

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Getting involved! SaVE A LIFE!

1. Register. (It's Free!)

Find your school on this page and click to register. Register as a team or as an individual and secure your spot in the LONGEST. BRA CHAIN. EVER. Top fundraisers win cool Feel Your Boobies swag...


Use social media to ask friends & family to DONATE & SEND BRAS. And also share important BREAST CANCER FACTS with them...your voice matters. YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE.