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15 years of “feeling” boobies!

It’s hard to believe that a t-shirt started it all, but here we are. Fifteen years later and our campaign has reached millions of people with our message, and we have SAVED LIVES. Leigh Hurst, our Founder, was diagnosed at age 33 and THAT changed everything. She created Feel Your Boobies® as a way to educate young women who generally don’t think about breast cancer, and she is now a nationally recognized breast health advocate and leader. This year, we celebrate Leigh, and so many other young women who felt their own lump and faced breast cancer with grace and bravery. #15years15stories #feelyourboobies Please share your story with us.

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Tyrisha - Diagnosed Age 26

I felt a a lump in my right breast at the early age of 24. The doctor thought it was a clogged milk duct…I received a call on the telephone and was told I had breast cancer. I was lost for words…I was raising two children at the time. My son was 3 months old and my daughter was 10 years old.

I worked with a team of 25 doctors. Our final decision was was to attack my cancer. I followed the treatment plan and my dark tunnel turned to light. I was cancer free, in remission, and able to have a third child!

Here I am, 10 years later and my cancer has returned.

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